Business for Clean Air: our commitment

Cleaning the air we all breathe makes business sense and is good for society too./em>

As businesses, we believe that air pollution is an urgent health crisis requiring immediate attention. We recognise that in tackling air pollution, the quality of life for millions of people and the environment will improve.

We acknowledge that industry is a major contributor to air pollution and therefore has a responsibility to act.

In committing to implement the Business for Clean Air principles, we embrace the challenge to improve our business operations and transport choices, address major pollutant sources in our manufacturing, supply and value chains, and make it easier for our employees and customers to minimise their air pollution footprints.

We recognise that this will be a new journey for our company and acknowledge that in seeking to address our direct and indirect air pollution footprint, we will strive for synergies with other sustainability challenges, such as addressing climate change and reaching net zero.

In publicly committing to become a Business for Clean Air, we acknowledge our corporate responsibility to act on air pollution, and commit to the following four actions, as a minimum:

  1. Publicly declare a corporate commitment to take action on air pollution

  2. Develop a company plan to reduce operational impact on air pollution

  3. Take action on any identified adverse impact on air quality

  4. Commit to report annually on progress

We acknowledge that there are other actions we can pursue as a demonstration of our commitment to act on air pollution. In due recognition, we will consider adopting supplementary actions:

  1. Commit to use leverage and encourage others to reduce their operational impact on air pollution

  1. Support/participate in networks and/or information-sharing platforms that address how businesses impact air pollution 

  1. Undertake and/or support advocacy efforts that call for enhanced forms of regulation or legislation that enhance air quality

  1. Engage in partnerships that seek to enhance air quality

  1. Through philanthropic efforts, support projects that seek to enhance air quality

In completing this form, and submitting your signed Business for Clean Air principles you are confirming your status as a signatory.

Please note this initiative is aimed at large businesses.

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